Growing in Christ  – Every Sunday 9:30


– A Class for New and Growing Believes

It is extremely important for all new and growing believers to develop a foundation of spiritual growth. To accomplish this we offer a study every Sunday morning called Growing in Christ. This repeating thirteen-week small group series is designed to cover the basics for living the Christian life. If schedule conflicts prevent attendance we provide a one-on-one guided study at a convenient time and location.


– Spiritual Mentoring

In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus commanded all believers to “make disciples” and thus, to become a disciple of Jesus. This ministry, designed to have great impact on spiritual growth, is our relational spiritual mentoring ministry we call “disciple making.” This ministry is designed to follow the Growing in Christ class with the objective to help each believer grow to be consistent and productive in his or her spiritual life. At Midwest we have trained men and women available to meet weekly, helping growing believers develop spiritually and in service for our Lord.