MBC Gym Project

Our Legacy

Midwestern Christian Academy was founded in 1956 as a ministry of Midwest Bible Church to meet the need for Christian education at the elementary level. The Chicago-based school welcomed 33 students that first year, utilizing two rooms and a chapel in a converted store building. Three teachers were hired to instruct 8 grade levels.

Much has changed in the 56-year history of MCA. Eventually that original building was remodeled and enlarged with the addition of a second floor, providing accommodations for over 300 students. Additional teachers were hired to specialize in subject matter and grade level. The Illinois State Board of Education soon granted full accreditation, and MCA became a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.

From 1974-1984, high school curriculum was added, educating over 100 students during the duration of the program. During the 1980s, expansion produced Pre-Kindergarten and special needs classes, while the end of the 20th Century produced a heightened emphasis on technology and the arts.


Currently, it is our desire to maintain MCA with high standards in two major areas. First, and most importantly, we desire to promote MCA with the purpose of teaching children about being disciples for Jesus Christ. We pray that the Biblical foundations learned at MCA will encourage and enable them to grow toward spiritual maturity, to the point of spreading the fame of Jesus Christ and ministering to other for the glory of God.

Second, MCA must also maintain high academic standards in order to be competitive in our society. While developing a living knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ is the primary goal of MCA, students also need to be challenged academically. While we do not claim to be a "gifted school", we continually make every effort to stay current with our curricula and programs.



Future-New Gymnasium Project

Gym period can be a powerful tool in teaching students confidence, sportsmanship and self-care. MCA, along with Midwest Bible Church, has long desired a gymnasium combined with its academic buildings to advance the school’s athletic and physical education curriculums while providing children with a safe, fun, multi-purpose place to play.

A number of studies have shown that many school systems, particularly those in urban areas, are plagued by decaying buildings that threaten the health, safety, and learning opportunities of students. Good facilities appear to be an important precondition for student learning, provided that other conditions are present that support a strong academic program in the school.

A growing body of research has linked student achievement and behavior to the physical building conditions. Decaying environmental conditions such as peeling paint, crumbling plaster, nonfunctioning toilets, poor lighting, inadequate ventilation, and inoperative heating and cooling systems can affect the learning as well as the health and the morale of staff and students.

Our Need

New facilities will solve a number of safety issues and allow for all students pre-K through eighth to participate in school activities. We anticipate this will be a wonderful benefit to our school and our community. The gym is much more than a physical activity center. It provides after-school options for programs, provides a space for meeting, playing and exercising school spirit, international days, harvest fairs, celebrations for winter, and science fairs. The gym is in constant use.

The total funding needed to complete this project is $1.5 million. Through the selling of two church properties and additional fundraising, we currently have $600,000 dedicated to the gym project. 

Your help is needed! We are trusting the Lord for His provision while opening the opportunity for you to give. We plan to attain our goal within 6 months. With your help, we can do that. If you would like to contribute, please click here, or, please talk to Pastor Marco David, Principal Joe Scifo or any of the elders at Midwest Bible Church. Please call the church office at773-685-6500 or email midwestbiblechurch@gmail.com.